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Two-component solvent free epoxy adhesive, for monolithic sealing of cracks in screeds.


Creation of monolithic adhesion between new and existing concrete.
Bonding precast concrete sections or steel to concrete when rigid joints are required between interfacing structural elements. Rigid filling of cracks in screeds, concrete floors, etc.
when it is used to obtain a monolithic structure. Apply Eporip with a brush or a trowel on clean and dry surfaces. Shrinkage cracks should be sealed by pouring Eporip into the cracks only after all the hydraulic shrinkage which caused the cracks has finished.


Pot life: 60 minutes.
Open time: 5 hours.
Setting time: 24 hours.
Final cure time: 15 days.
Application: by brush, trowel, pouring.
Storage: 24 months.
0.5-2 kg/m2 (1.35 kg per litre of cavity to be filled).
10 and 2 kg kits.